Social & infotainment Programs
Neema Narai (Half World) Live Women ProgramAiring Time:     2:00pm     |  Frequency:  ThursdaysThis is live program where the guests (women who are specialized, involved in women rights activities, NGOs worker working for
Comedy & Entertainment Programs
Salamoona Paighamoona (Greetings and Messages) LiveAiring Time:     11:00am     |  Frequency:  Tue &WedIt is an entertaining and social program for the Pakhtoons and Afghans living abroad. Two presenters run the program
Religious Programs
Deeni Zuandai (Religious Live)Airing Time:     5:00 am     |  Frequency:  Mon to ThuLive Program a Religious Scholar receives calls from the viewers and gives solution to their problems based on Islamic Teachings. A very
News & current affair Programs
Exclusive InterviewAiring Time:    8:30     |  Frequency:  SaturdayInterviews with Diplomats, Government Officials, ISAF, NATO, Governors, Representatives of Special Missions operating in Afghanistan and Politicians are
Musical & Youth
Khabarai ao Sandarai (Viewers Choice): LiveAiring Time:     4:00pm     |  Frequency:  Saturday to Wednesday One male and one female anchors present this program with live calls received from the viewers, and their song of
Educational Programs
Roon Sahar (Morning Show) LiveAiring Time:     7:30 am     |  Frequency:  Saturday to Thursday Morning show with two male and one female anchor presenting the program with more diligence and professionalism. The program

Shamshad TV Satellite Address

orbital slot 105.5 degree
Downlink polarization : horizontal
symbol rate: 2.4444 Msy/sec
Frequency : 4175.5 MHz

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