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 Shamshad Educational & Public Entertainment TV Chanel


1.1 Background and Justification;
The last 24 years of war have destroyed our cultural, economic, and educational infrastructure in Afghanistan. The educational system has particularly suffered from the ravages of war and neglect. The Pashtoons who are the majority, living in the most troubled area of both side of the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan remained uneducated due to the lack of schools, colleges and universities. Lack of education and knowledge, young generation especially women and children remained unaware of their outside world. They are influenced by the fundamentalists, warlords, drug-Mafia and irresponsible people.
The country has witnessed many occasions where the innocent women, children and civilians have been killed through suicidal attacks and aerial bombardments. It will take many years to bring our people to the point where we could educate them with newspapers or magazines. They need information on vital economic and social affairs. Radio and TV provide a very important information media to educate people about peace, democracy, civil society, gender, and drug and health issues.
In the last three decades or so, the presence of Russians, communist regime, fundamentalists as affected the relation of the Afghan people with the International Community. Afghanistan and its people should be capable enough to use media as an effective weapon instead of arms to fight and respond to the enemies more politically, diplomatically and wisely. It’s important to educate them so they can learn abut other nations who have been through similar turbulent and traumatic times and situations and how they brought themselves back from war and poverty to a position of peace and prosperity.

1.2 Concept used:

  •  Civil society
  • Tribal community
  • Political partnership
  • Human rights
  • Democracy
  • Gender
  • Children rights
  • Freedom of speech
  • Environment protection
  • Civic Education
  • Women rights
  • Narcotic control
  • Government and National Issues
  • National development and reconstruction
  • International Relations

1.3 Objectives:

  •  Shamshad TV broadcasts opinions, ideas and suggestions of different socio-economical points to improve national and cultural dialogues.
  • Shamshad TV broadcast program about the reconstruction, national reconciliation, human rights, civil society, and role of the tribal community in Afghanistan.
  • Shamshad TV tries to give constructive suggestions about economic and social issues to the government.
  • Shamshad TV tries to raise awareness on democracy, socio-cultural issues, human rights, and national/ international values among youth and new generations.
  • Youth mental rehabilitation, development of their talent, so that they can enjoy peaceful life.
  • The other objective of Shamshad TV is to introduce and facilitate the transfer of new technology and science to be incorporated for educating Afghan youth.
  •  Shamshad TV provides coverage to the most suppressed and neglected segments i.e. women to uplift their living standards, provide them a platform to raise their voice and tie them with the new era of technology in order to enable them to compete in every field of life and work shoulder to shoulder with men to lead Afghanistan to development and prosperity.
  • Shamshad TV Produces different talk shows to encourage different schools of thought for expressing their ideologies and will also provide an opportunity to the viewers to examine the accountability of the government and political bodies
  • Shamshad TV strives to establish a good relationship and cooperation with national and international media and news agencies by exchanging information.

1.4 Sources of Information:
  • Reports on civil society events and non governmental organizations
  • Social, cultural, economical and political events
  • News from around the country
  • News from different government offices
  • News from International Media
  • Internet

1.5 Topics:

  • Human rights
  • Gender issues
  • Domestic violence against women
  • Disables, widows and orphans
  • Peace conflict resolution and social violence
  • Constitution
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Social Development
  • Economical development and technology issues
  • Women social and political condition
  • Youth and children
  • Environment protection
  • Literature-arts issues
  • Folklore
  • Propaganda against poppy cultivation and trafficking
  • Protection of national heritages, historical places
  • Sport and physical fitness
  • Trauma and mental reconstruction
  • Social Spiritual treatment
  • Islamic education issues
  • Parts of history
  • Introducing of national and international thinkers
  • Introducing civil society actors
  • Introducing national and international peace builders
  • Continue dialogue with warrior factions, invite them for peace
  • Advertisements
  • Re-integration and Re-conciliation
  • National unity
  • Equality and justice for all
  • Promotion of free economy and markets
  • Health Issues

1.6 Types of Programs:

  • News
  • Reports from political, social, cultural, economic and sport events
  • Illustrated reports
  • Short dramas, serials, sports, short messages
  • Interviews
  • Educational programs and spots
  • Hot issues and Round table Discussions
  • Political discussion and experts’ opinion
  • Music and public entertainment
  • Questions and answers session

1.7 Social utility:

  • Shamshad TV programs explain the concept of Civil Society, Democracy, Law, Human Rights, Drug control, Civic Education, Civil Rights and constitution.
  • Shamshad TV broadcasting not only raise the people awareness but, also it raises social responsibility.
  • Understanding the role of Civil Society, importance of constitution implementation, Human Rights, Drug problems, Democracy, and Freedom of Speech, that will enable the people to take part in different social and political process.
  • Shamshad TV produces quality programs that bring the community closer, live in peaceful environment, and eradicate domestic violence.
  • By broadcasting social, political and economical problems of the people, Shamshad TV can build a bridge between the people and the government. In this way Shamshad TV can facilitate the way to solve the problems by making round table discussions between high ranking members of the government, Afghan scholars, intellectuals, and international actors.
  • By making Round Tables Discussion between Civil Society, government, and International Actors, it will be possible to make a good relationship between the Actors/Relevant parties.
  • Shamshad TV can raise awareness about the pathology (conflict harm ness).
  • Covering the youth and children opinion and exposing their problems and forward solutions

1.8 Disclaimer:

Shamshad TV will continue its broadcasting according to the National and International standards, and press/media law in the country.
Although Shamshad TV wants to cover view points of intellectuals, writers, social workers and politicians’, but it will never broadcast material that goes against Islamic values, Afghan national unity, and views that promote ethnic, religious, linguistic, and gender discrimination. While broadcasts will be critical, Shamshad will not portray individuals negatively.


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