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Shamshad TV  has created a competitive separation policy to make sure that all clients has benefited and received exclusive coverage of their products and services. Our efforts are intended that every customer get the appropriate positions in mid break of the programs. However the placement of the commercial will be based on the rates decided and agreed by SHAMSHAD TV. The categories outlined by Shamshad TV are as follow:

1. Commercials
It is the common segment of all the marketing opportunities, the clients may place their commercials between the programs or during the programs in order to reach their customers and potential customers. The rates of the commercials are decided based on the market conditions of Afghanistan with the aim of flourishing the newly established Market. The commercial airtime is offered under periodic deals and spot advertising. The special offers are given on special occasions and events.

2. Program Branding
SHAMSHADTV offers program branding to the clients want to be associated with the programs, this will ensure high audience coverage by providing exclusive right to the client. The program branding are available on existing programs or the client may provide self produced programs to be aired on shamshadtv.

3. Scroll Squzz
Scroll Squzz is a unique and clutter free system for Marketing of Product and services, the advertiser commercial is placed while the program is running. The advantage of the scroll squzz is that the commercial is played without break in the program and both the commercial and programs are played simultaneously. It is cost effective way of Market penetration advertisement mean.

4. Product Placement
SHAMSHADTV TV has wide range of Program Mix, produced by its professional team; it could be a drama, infotainment, current affairs, comedy, Religious, Youth and Women Programs. The clients are encourage to incorporate the brand within the program contents which may be featured within the programs. This will make the product part of the contents of the program.

5. Special Programs
Special Programs covers all programming catering directly to the brand needs. It also covers programs on special events such as Eid, Independence day, Basant etc. These programs are mostly one-off programs and provide special content. Such programs are open for branding and other special packages.

5. Events
SHAMSHADTV is ready to cover all the programs and events organized


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